Three hours of tasting chocolate, bikkies, pasta, cider, cheese and wine in Victoria’s Yarra Valley?  Yes please!

Since I’ve been running the Yarra Valley gourmet weekends, clients have been telling me that they’d love a morning or afternoon dedicated solely to tasting all the delicious goodies produced and sold in Healesville.  So eventually I just had to give in and give them what they wanted!

And so, A Taste of Healesville has been born and we now have dates scheduled for Saturdays in the coming months and we can of course run tours on demand (if you have a minimum of eight in a group). 

So check out the itinerary and let me know when you want to come and indulge your senses on a three hour sipping and sampling, trying and tasting tour of the Yarra Valley’s most picturesque gourmet foodie town – Healesville.  

Booking enquiries: Contact Pauline today on 03 5968 3963 or at